How We Work

You have a successful business and you know you can improve it even further.

We specialize in looking at the big picture and finding those areas that, with our expertise and focused implementation, will take your whole business to the next level.

At Toyama&Co., we help you lead change processes within your organization that result in creating a culture where managers and employees are continually bringing fresh ideas for improvement, where leaders are heard and customers become raving fans.

Above all, we’re your partners on the journey to a high-performance culture.


The process starts with a complimentaryCreate a high-performance company” consultation, where we clarify the key challenges you face. After this initial meeting, we send a proposal specifically tailored to your current situation with the necessary steps to transform your company into a high-performing culture.

The proposal usually includes the following three main phases (see graph):

A- Pre-intervention assessment – the assessment allows us to dig deeper and uncover where the problem really lies. Depending on your unique situation, we’ll use one or more of the following tools: Leadership 360 assessment, in-depth interviews, a proprietary Customer Experience Management survey or an Employee Experience survey.

B- Solutions – Once we understand the root cause of your individual, team or organizational challenges, we recommend the best course of action to fix the fundamental problems. The solutions that we offer fall into the following three main categories:

a) Executive training Workshops
b) Executive Coaching
c) Customer Experience Consulting

C- Post-intervention measurement – You want to ensure that our program worked as intended. We measure the results of the intervention and help you understand the impact.