[Spark Ideas] Simon Sinek’s TED Talk – Start with Why

Spark Ideas are meant to stimulate new ways of thinking about leadership-related topics.

This month’s Spark Idea is from Simon Sinek’s TED presentation. Simon talks about the importance of starting with why you do something, then talking about the how, and finally saving the what for last.

Why do many companies fail to communicate the why to their employees and other stakeholders? In my experience, it goes beyond the need for better communication. Some companies don’t know why they exist in the first place (or have lost sight of why they exist), while other companies have visions such as ‘being the biggest in the sector’, which is not a good motivator for employees and other stakeholders.

How does this month’s Spark newsletter apply to the current challenges your company is facing? I would love to hear your feedback on the main article and video above.

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