Who We Serve

We’re here to help business leaders and social entrepreneurs who strive to go above and beyond the competition in all areas of business – not just the bottom line.

If you’re committed to making a difference by building sustainable companies and bringing brilliant, cutting-edge ideas to fruition, you are in the right place.

Is this you?

You want to have a powerful presence, be more influential, be a better negotiator, a better leader, have teams that are highly engaged and motivated — and you want to partner with a company that will bring you the tools, proven methodologies and frameworks that will help you accelerate the process and hold you accountable for your own success.

You care about all of your stakeholders, including: your employees, your suppliers, your communities and the planet – and you have (some) raving fans, are profitable (or getting there) and are growing because of the difference you make.

You work for companies that belong on the ranks of “Best Companies to work for”, Best Places to work, Conscious businesses, B Corporations, Social Venture Network… (And if your company is not yet listed on any of these ranks, you’re looking to be the driving force who will bring them there).

Whether your reach is local or on a global scale, we can help you enhance your leadership and maximize your team’s impact.

We are excited about your potential and we want to help you go the extra mile toward putting your company far above the crowd.